Andrew Godfrey

Andrew Godfrey is a PhD student in the English department at the University of Dundee, a previous student of the Comic Studies MLitt from 2012 to 2013, and recipient of the 2013 Grant Morrison Prize for Comic Studies. He is researching the use of performance style elements in Graphic Medicine and the possible practical outcomes of these elements using workshops and reading and discussion groups. His research makes direct links between the comic page and the stage and incorporates theatre studies, ethics, sociology, medical humanities and more.

He has a vested interest in the subject, having been creating autobiographical comics about his experiences with the chronic illness Cystic Fibrosis for a number of years now under the moniker Sicker Than Thou, as well as working on an ongoing collaboration with writer Emma Jeremie concerning her experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder. His comics use humour as a means of dismantling mawkish ‘poster-child’ representations of illness and as such the critical use of humour has been one of the fundamental preoccupations of his research to date. He is a regular presenter at the Graphic Medicine conferences, was on the organising committee for the 2013 Humanities Conference in Dundee, and has performed his work on several occasions at the Dundee comics and performance event DeeCap. He has produced comics and lead workshops with the Phoenix Project at University of Sheffield, and is currently working alongside Jenny Drew’s Atomic Comics project in Bath, which uses comics as an educational and therapeutic tool for at-risk youth. His work has been featured in exhibitions in London, Bristol, and Chicago.

Although death and disease are some of his primary interests, he promises he’s not a morbid guy.

Twitter: @performillness (academic), @sickerthanthou (comics)

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