Comics and Archive Collaboration

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This summer, hundreds of comics have been organized and cataloged in the University of Dundee Archives and the University Museum Services has acquired more original comic art for their collection. Comics and Illustration students have been flocking to the Archives and Museum Services to view the comics, scripts, and comic art housed in these facilities for inspiration.

A comic titled “Archive Anthology” is underway in a collaborative effort between the Archives, Museum Services and the Comics department. The aim of the anthology is to promote the University’s vast comics collections. In order to do so, a team of writers and artists has been assembled to create original work for the Anthology. The work will be inspired by or tell the story of the archived materials. The Anthology is set to launch in October at the Festival of the Future. Watch this space for more information!

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To view the comics in the Archive, click here for the Archive Catalog.

To view the comic artwork, click here for the Museum Services Catalog.

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