William Grady


I’m currently undertaking my doctoral study in the English department at the University of Dundee, focusing upon the Western in comic books. My research looks to better understand the interaction between Western myth and American politics and social change through Western genre comic books. Mapping a cultural history of the Western comics throughout the twentieth-century, my study is particularly interested in instances of subversion of Western mythology, and the undermining of the illusory American values and traditions implanted into the Old West.

My research into Western comics has previously appeared in the anthologies, Comic Books and American Cultural History, and Undead in the West II, with forthcoming chapters on Western comics to be published in Spaghetti Westerns at the Crossroads and The Routledge Companion to Comics. Alongside my studies, I have peer-reviewed articles for the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, and I edit the monthly News Review for Comics Forum (website). I have previously taught comics and film history/theory in the department of Film and Media Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

For more details, see: williamgrady.wordpress.com

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