Madeline Gangnes


I’m a comics scholar from various parts of America. My research focuses on the relationship between comics and other media, particularly comics adaptations of literature and film adaptations of comics, including Japanese manga. I presented a paper on action and sound in the manga and film versions of AKIRA at the Dundee Comics Expo and Dee Con 2014, and later published an article on the same topic in Studies in Comics (issue 5.1).

My MLitt dissertation examined various word and image adaptations of The War of the Worlds through the lens of major international conflicts from 1897 through the present day. I also presented a paper on book covers and illustrations of The War of the Worlds created between 1897 and 1950 at the 2014 International Association of Word and Image Studies Conference.

I’m an evangelist for all things ElfQuest, as it was the comic that got me started down this insane path. Have you read ElfQuest? No? Well, why not! It’s free online!

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