Damon Herd

Damon Herd SCCS

Damon Herd is a PhD student at the University of Dundee. He is researching autobiographical comics. He is responsible for many of the workshops held by SCCS and runs Dee Cap (Dundee Comics Art Performance).

Damon Herd is a researcher and artist, currently working towards a PhD at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee. His research area is life narratives told in the comics medium, with a particular interest in British comics, and the games authors play with truth. He has been published in Studies in Comics, and on The Comics Grid, and is a regular contributor to comics blog Graphixia. He produces his own comics including The Adventures of Ticking Boy, and is also the organiser of DeeCAP, a comics performance event based in Dundee.​

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